What Mistake People Do During Muscle Gain? - Neeraj R Jain

What Mistake People Do During Muscle Gain?

Have you ever tried to gain muscle and failed by gained fat over muscle ?

That is very common issue arises whenever athletes try to bulk muscle weight and miserably failed by gaining fat over belly what are the mistakes you are going through during bulking lets have a look:

 Mistime management: People who started bulking mistakenly assumes that they can use the time however they want like whenever they wanna eat they do, they mislead the sleep time like more then enough sleeping and even start mismanaging the gym workout routine which cause loss then development in muscles. The main focus should be on the discipline of your routine what ever you do weather it is bulking or cutting only discipline in time of eating sleeping and workout will work last long.


Eating Everything:   If we are talking about bulking people consider that they are going for picnic in their mind just to eat whatever they want and whenever they want does not matter body need it or not they completely go for taste.

I have met several people who just uses these method which is also known as dirty bulking in common world, this process is just a period of satisfying your craving and taste buds but remember it does not work for your muscle growth and not even provides you any health benefits. When you eat anything in the thought of so called bulking you intake unwanted and unhealthy calories to your body which besides helping your body to grow muscles starts harming the organs, it similar like having Pizza, Burger and Samosas like fatty person and trying to digest that by doing gym not to develop muscle.

Another huge mistake people do while Bulking muscle is taking Mass Gainer or Weight gainers,

Taking Weight Gainer or Mass Gainer:  People assumes that when it is about to gain weight they should go for mass gainers as it is good supplement but it is not true. Mass Gainers are just high in carbohydrates which helps in weight gain in your body by storing carbs in the form of fat to use it as energy further but mass gainer does not provide you good source of carbs they are inclusive of high in sugar which is coming from harmful Maltodextrin and this is not good for your health it even causes very harmful effect on your insulin and blood pressure level by making them spike which causes sugar related issues in your body and even cause heart problems in future so whenever wanna gain weight remember stay away from Mass Gainers or Weight Gainers and if you wanna eat carbs so friends you have huge variety of them like: Rice, Oats, whole wheat food products, beans and many more but definitely Sugar is not one on those.

Avoiding Cardio:  I have met hundreds of people who always say to me that don’t do cardio while you are bulking and even they are so called trainers and inject these thoughts to their trainees as well who blindly trust them just to develop muscles and become healthy but except that they make everything like bad habits of eating, taking unnecessary supplements and avoiding cardio and result they make fat and high body fat percentage which is further not easy to remove. I wanna clarify that this is the biggest myth while bulking muscles you should do cardio at least 2 times in a week because while your are eating so much your body start storing carbs and losing stamina just because your heart is not so train to handle that body weight, does not matter it is fat or muscle and doing cardio like running, improves your muscle growth and make great shape of your body so I recommend you to not listen such foolish things and do cardio as well while bulking.

By Neeraj R. Jain